Calle Larga Mostar

Cucina​ Italiana Ristorante​​ pizzeria

Caffe pizzeria “Calle Larga” is located at the Kneza Mihaela Višeslava Humskog 31a Liska ulica. The beautiful setting offers refreshment in the hot summer days in Mostar, there are the outer part of restaurant and the inner part where you can enjoy the warm atmosphere and the kindness of staff. Calle Larga offers a large selection of pizza, pasta, salads and other dishes of Italian cuisine, grilled dishes, and various kinds of cakes and ice cream.

Visit us and experience the real magic of Italian cuisine … In addition to the various types of pizza we can order various kinds of pasta, salad, lasagna, canolini, Tagliatte …

Come and experience a true taste of Italy in your city!

Dear visitors you can organize weddings, christenings, … contact us with confidence and see the quality of our services …

For all meat lovers we have expanded ours menu with a variety of grilled meats … in addition to traditional kebabs there are steaks, sausages, steaks, …

organizing entertainment

Italian cooking

Grilled dishes

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