Citluk is a small town located in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located on a plateau by the people of this rich region called Brotnjo. The surface of the entire plateau corresponding to the area of Citluk. The altitude plateau varies from 582 to 225 meters, which favors the growth of plants “madder” at which the plateau received name.U Middle Ages, the inhabitants of these plant “madder” is used as an important tool for dyeing cloth. Residents of major cities came to the plateau Brotnjo to dyes cloth – cloth which were later hair in the hot sun. Therefore, this plant is significant in Citluk so it has been the coat of arms of the municipality that is the hallmark grada.Na municipality Čitluk are preserved Illyrian forts and ruins and also Roman temples and the remains of buildings from the period of the Bosnian church and a large number of Turkish tower. A large number of stone and sleeping – stećak with different religious and social motives that are especially interesting for tourists istraživače.Turistička offer city is closely associated with the fruits of the vine used to make known Čitlučko wine. As early as 1995, residents of the area marked “Day of the grape harvest” each year in September. Vintage days together and many cultural clubs that tourists proudly show part of the rich historical baštine.Especially peculiarity of tourists are the wineries which in Citluk abound. Their wines are due to the outstanding quality and good reputation visitor center has become recognized throughout the world. Often the renowned wine events just wine from barrels čitlučkih receive awards and gold medals. Local people  also organized every year and the days of “tasting of new wine.” Then everyone enjoys wine and hospitality friendly hosts who open their cellars for the curious posjetioce.Famous wine of this region is the “žilavka” on whose behalf tell many stories. Locals claim that the name comes from the small vessels that can be seen on the fruits of grapes that have reached full maturity. In the end it comes to the žilavka authentic Herzegovina brand and that is nowhere so luxurious and fertile as in Citluk, the heart of the rocky Herzegovina.

Besides Žilavka in the municipality of Čitluk tenants grown and blatina which is also a native of Herzegovina. Blatina is considered a high-quality variety that gives a distinctive black and red wines. Local people says that the wine is good to settle a few years. Standing wine enhances the quality of the wine, so it is proposed that the wine kept in barrels and bottles and up to five years.

Wines from Citluk should drink with caloric dishes and with meat and is particularly recommended as a dietary baking, fish stew and cuts of beef ham. The wine should be drunk slowly and in Citluk say it would be good if the house had a shapely glass or wooden jug.

It is important to know that the power of wine sometimes too big for the little guy. Herzegovinans originally from Citluk now living in distant countries of the world know that the bottle of wine carrying the sun and heat that are permanently opium and always returns home.

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