Franciscan monastery Rama – Šćit

The Šćit Franciscan monastery in Rama was founded by the Franciscan monks in the 15th century and it is one of 13 monasteries referred to in the 1514 census conducted by the Bosnian Franciscan Province. Both the monastery and the church were burned and restored several times. A painting by Albert de Rhoden was put up in the Church of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary and it depicts the angels returning the Our Lady of Sinj to Rama. The committee for the preservation of national monuments proclaimed this cultural landscape, the area of the Franciscan monastery and the Church, the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the Franciscan monastery Rama-Sćit there is the House of Peace, welcoming those who seek peace, tranquility, guidance…

This is the place which affirms every quest for sense, hope, love through all forms of prayer, meditation, encounters with art and nature, through creative work, sport, relaxation, through encounters with other people whose experiences can encourage and help a person to accept himself. The House of Peace offers its users other services such as autumn tourism, various water sport activities, trim trail, orchards and agrotourism. Ethnographic museum of the Franciscan monastery was open in 2007 in the refurbished monastery building, and it depicts the life of the people from the Rama region. Art gallery offers many artefacts worth seeing: the Rama Cross, Rama mother, Diva Grabovčeva, the Last Supper…. The narrow circle of the art gallery is named after fra Ljubo Lucić, one of the most significant franciscans of Bosna Srebrena in the second half of the 20th century. Rama lake is an artificial accumulation formed in 1968. Its largest length is 12 km, total area approximately 1500 ha and its greatest depth approximately 100 m, while the water oscillates as much as 55m. The lake is of a semicircular shape, with a lot of bays, and the slight coastal drop makes it accessible from almost all sides. Šćit peninsula, where the Franciscan monastery is located, adds to the particular beauty of the lake with its appearance and content, while two smaller islands Umac and Škarine, additionally break the monotony of the water surface and embellish the ambience. The lake is rich in fish such as Californian trout, brown trout, Arctic charr, pike perch, carp and chub. The scenery of the Rama lake is almost surreal and it is often listed among the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

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