Grude is a town and municipality in West Herzegovina. It is located in West Herzegovina Canton in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Grude is 49 kilometers from Mostar,19 kilometers  from Imotski, and 100 km from Split. Grude is rich in natural beauties as well- from the numerous caves and caverns characteristic of this stone, the karst landscape through – which is unusual this area – a number of sources and water resources (Lake Krenica, River Vrlika).

Testimony about life in these regions are still present in prehistoric times. In place of Ravlić cave, which is located in Drinovci, were found traces of life dating from the later Neolithic period.The life in these regions has been flowing continuously – the peoples, cultures and civilizations have been changing. In later, but historical times, this soil had very living presence of the Romans, whose commercial road, connecting the two great ancient trading center – Salon and Narona, was passing through the region. Recent archaeological excavations at the site in Gorica confirm that on this soil in ancient times there was a significant Roman settlement. Middle Ages is a time of tombstones – stećak and in municipality of Grude can be found practically everywhere – which proves that at that time was quite a big life. Undoubtedly it is a merit favorable geographical position of this region, as well as the relatively mild climate, together with rich natural resources. Rarely can see where this unusual combination of brutality and tameness of nature that we find in the region Imotski-bekijsko fields – arable land is relatively rich in water in contrast to the fierce and rocky, which is surrounded by.

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