Herzegovacka Gracanica Trebinje

Special magnificent building from 2000 – is dedicated to Mother of God. Obeying wish of poet Jovan Ducic, expressed in his will, the temple of the Mother of God was raised on hill Crkvina, in which Ducic was buried. This temple is a true copy of the monastery of Gracanica on Kosovo i Metohija and because of that it is also called Hercegovacka Gracanica. This religious complex includes bell, icon gallery, parish’s home, amphitheater, fountain, church bookshop, museum and summer garden restaurant. The temple can be seen from any point in Trebinje and it is the most beautiful sacral building in the whole Herzegovina. It was the poet’s wish to be buried in Trebinje, so, his mortal remains were moved from America to Hercegovacka Gracanica in October of 2000.

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