Konjic is the capital of the homonymous municipality in the northernmost mountain Herzegovina, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city in 1991 counted oko14.500, a municipality close to 45,000 residents. Municipality of Konjic is characterized surface of 1400 km2, on which is the largest in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The wealth of the municipality are agricultural and forest land, the huge water potential, large stocks of ore pyrophyllite, tourist facilities and others. Konjic is attractive because of the rich nature that completely surrounds the city.
The Neretva River running through the center. The old town is very nice for walking, as well as the city center from which in each direction provides an interesting view of the surrounding countryside. While in Konjic, always walk restored the stone bridge, built 1682.g. Since the early 1900s, Konjic is known for its woodcarvers. The center of the tourist offer of Konjic is certainly Boracko lake and valley Glavatičevo.
Most outdoor activities starts here: hiking, camping, rafting, farm, kayaking or canoeing, mountain biking and even paragliding. The northernmost city Herzegovina has never been no “rights Herzegovina” nor “law Bosnia”, but something truly unique and unrepeatable. Bathed in warm Herzegovinian sun is welcomed immigrants from around the world, providing them a comfortable home and looking after them, fed them and trained, and they gave him back all the love I could have woven in buildings and city streets.

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