Masna luka,Church st. Elijah’s, Blidinje

From the Adriatic Sea over Biokovo to Blidinje and Čvrsnica while still in Bosnia nature has given us hundreds of beautiful places where one can relax both mind and body. Certainly, one such place is the Masna Luka in Blidinje Nature Park. Mountain pearl at the foot Čvrsnica, the beautiful church of St. Elijah, in an environment of endemic pine Whitebark Pine give body and soul right refreshment. Masna Luka forest area on the Mountain is managed nature reserve and administratively belongs to the municipality of Posušje.

As is well known since 1735, nomads are coming out in the summer with the cattle from the lower parts of Herzegovina in this mountainous area. In all these years they were followed by the Franciscans who have cared for the spiritual state of nomads and they Masna Luka raised the Franciscan house in 1923. Unfortunately, this house did not last long because in 1942 in its bloody march Chetniks burned and killed all who happened to be in Blidinje. The Franciscans and after these unfortunate events out on Blidinje to the arrival of Fr. Peter Krasic 1981 again began to build a Franciscan house in Masna Luka, and shortly after the construction of the Franciscan house that was built in the church of St. Elijah, and the church was built and Franciscan Gallery.

It is this Father Petar worthiest that the Blidinje declared a natural park, restored and edited all the cemeteries in the curacy fields, built a beautiful church of Our Lady of the Snows on Barzonji

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