Museum of the Old Bridge

In addition to the Old Bridge is a section of the Museum dedicated to the history of development Herzegovina city of Mostar and the Old bridge which operates under the name “Museum of the Old Bridge”.

Old Bridge Museum with gazebo located in the complex of the Tara, on the left bank of the Neretva, presented the project of reconstruction (1999-2004.) Bridge from the sixteenth century with the accompanying towers and Tara Halebija.

Single-arch stone bridge, of an integral beauty and arch structure, built on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent from 1557 to 1566. Mimar Hajrudin year and per project leading Turkish builder of Koca Mimar Sinan.

Museum creates an image of life on the bridge and around him in all aspects of cultural / historical, architectural, economic, military do everyday.

Stresses the specificity of the development of the old town and mutually intertwining of the bridge and the city.

At the same time the reconstruction of the Old Bridge were carried out archaeological research (2001-2003.godine), which has given new information about the origin of the city next to the bridge and the two towers on the Neretva River, as mentioned in the earliest record from 1452.

Excavations have proved the existence of two older medieval wooden bridge.

Part of the museum exhibit is an authentic archaeological site below the level of access to the tower and the upper floors of the tower exposed to mobile archaeological material, archival and architectural documentation.

From the top of the tower offers a beautiful view of the Old City and its surroundings. The old town and bridge were included in 2005 in the world cultural heritage under UNESCO protection.

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