Necropolis Dugo polje,Blidinje

Dugopolje is famous for its necropolis of stelae, which is located at the foot of the mountain Crow and next Blidinje lake. The necropolis covers an area of 90 x 36 m, south of the gravel road and consists of 150 stećak of which 72 in the form of plates, 59 trunks, 14 tall chests, 4 in the form of a sarcophagus on a pedestal and one without stand. The necropolis can be divided into three piles of rocks (Snake pile next to the main road, in the second and third Risovac at the nearby village of Orasac), and by its position and looks likely representing tags for an old Roman road that passed through here in antiquity. Of these, 32 tombstones are decorated with various motifs of which the most common rosette. Other decorations make 19 crosses (one of which is unusual in the shape of an anchor with the top of the form lily), and 16 half-moon (usually in combination with rosette), and regular borders in the form of a spiral, twisted rope, zigzag lines or triple wattle. Eight circular garlands of four tombstones, and in one there are spiral lines. The shield and sword are located in three places, and in one of the sword. The two shields are decorated with heraldic motifs of rosettes or lilies. Mystic tool that is located on a tombstone is unclear.
Figurative include five scenes of hunting, two knights fighting, two rounds (one only of women, and other mixed), and in Jenda scene three characters out of the tower. The scenes of chivalry fight are placed at the base of the tombstone, and the characters are armed with hammers and swords. Deer with their heads held and horses are two tombstones, and the very hand on a tombstone. The most interesting figure of the mythical animal, probably a winged horse, which is located next to the snake. Three figures with hands on chest and five male figure with arms raised have only symbolic meaning.
All tombstones are carved from limestone from a nearby quarry below the slopes Crow or from Zreonice, where he also was a quarry. Around the middle of the necropolis are the remains of the chapel in which the townspeople built several standing tombstones from the necropolis

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