Necropolis Radimlja Stolac

Necropolis Radimlja is located in Vidovo field, 3 km west of Stolac, on the road Čapljina – Stolac.

After the number of copies, diversity and representation of all basic forms, relatively high artistic quality of, the wealth of plastic decorations, relief performances and inscriptions that mention the famous historical figures, as well as its unusual location and accessibility, the necropolis Radimlja belongs to the most valuable mediaeval monuments in BiH. Necropolis in Radimlja admitted in most decorated necropolis in BiH. After their artistic qualities necropolis on Radimlja is among the most valuable and most important necropolis of stelae at all.

At the session in the Commission adopted a decision to designate the historic site – necropolis Radimlja near Stolac as a national monument. The decision to designate the property as a national monument has been published in the “Official Gazette of BiH” 40/02. The monument is called Radimlja – Necropolis was located and the Provisional List of National Monuments, and not after the implementation of the disposition of the Commission decision and the continuing degradation of the area around and to the necropolis, a monument has been listed on the list of endangered monuments.

On the basis of the status of the said goods was found to be a national monument at risk from illicit and illegal construction within the monument or in its immediate vicinity. 1999 illegally on socially owned land with the necropolis and the potential archaeological site built commercial property, in accordance with the regulation plan, which the Commission to Preserve National Monuments ineffective. Then the central area of the necropolis, which is now fenced off, and began to be used as a space for parking vehicles of visitors and business owners. Furthermore, the space right next to the necropolis was turned into a landfill, but the whole is exposed to the risks posed by trucks through its protective belt transporting waste, chemical and visual pollution.

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