Perovića – Arslanagića bridge Trebinje

Perovic or Arslanagic Bridge is the most significant historical monument in Trebinje, which extends over the river Trebišnjica. It was built by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic back in 1574.
Name Arslanagića Bridge was given in the 18th century after its bridge keeper Arslan-aga. In 1993, Mayor of Trebinje, Bozidar Vučurević renamed the bridge into Perovic Bridge, along with the neighbouring village. However, the original name is still widespread and deeply rooted. The bridge used to connect the trade routes of central Bosnia and Herceg Novi (in Montenegro today) and other important places in the Ottoman Empire. Interestingly, the whole bridge was moved in 1970s several kilometres away due to construction of hydropower.

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