Posušje is a town and municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the West Herzegovina Canton, a federal unit of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.Name Posušje is derived from suša(Bosnian and Croatian word for drought). The area of Posušje was historically a dry area with water-supply problems. The problem was solved building an artificial lake in Tribistovo in 1989.The last census conducted in 2013 placed the population of the Posušje town at 6,000 residentsPosušje is 29 km from Široki Brijeg, 54 km from Mostar,10 km from Imotski and 71 km from Makarska.Posušje field is located at an altitude of about 610 m, Vir field at about 520 m, Rakitno at about 900 m, Pločno (peak of Čvrsnica mountain) is at 2228 m, and the area around the lake Blidinje 1050 meters and more.Climate in Posušje differs from the parts of the community. While in the city of Posušje and Vir in the south is sub-Mediterranean climate (with a continental influence), in the northern part of the municipality, in areas Rakitno, Tribistovo and Blidinje is dominating continental and mountain climate . Therefore, it might have been told Posušje on natural boundary between the sub-Mediterranean and continental climate.

In this area there are many cultural and historical monuments, among them being the old ruins from the Neolithic Age and the Illyrian, Roman fortress of Gradac, the remains of Roman roads, over 20 Latin inscriptions on stone, early Christian basilica of the 4th century, discovered and preserved 1971-1976. And almost every village, at least one stećci necropolis with a medieval tombstones.

In the Rastovača, near Posušje born Fra Grgo Martić, a famous Franciscan and famous poet, who celebrated its avengers, consecration and memories
In the area of Posušje, was born also fra Petar Bakula, a tireless architect, writer and scientist. This clergeman wrote 27 works.

In the downtown of Posušje is placed a monument in a tribute to Croatian defenders of Posušje. On the road to Blidinje from the west side of town is a monument to ‘Vlado the Builder’, a mythical figure in Posušjian lore, renowned for his contributions to the local Prosciutto and Rakija culture.

The huge church in downtown of Posušje is named after Virgin Mary.

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