Široki Brijeg

The name of the city means “wide hill”. It is sometimes referred to as Široki Brig or simply Široki (“wide”). Between 1945 and 1990, the town was officially called Lištica, after the river that flows through it.

The river Lištica runs through Široki Brijeg. The town is 20–25 km (12–16 mi) from Mostar, 42 km (26 mi) from Međugorje, and 88 km (55 mi) from the Adriatic coast (Ploče).

The center of town is at 270 m (886 ft) above sea level, while its area is known as “lower Herzegovina”. Almost the entire northern part of the municipality itself, however, belongs to “high Herzegovina”, the highest point being the Bile stine (“White Rocks”) near Donji Crnač.

Široki Brijeg has mild submediterranean-mountain climate. Winters are chilly and often very cold. Summers are warm.






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