Stone bridge Konjic

The Old Stone Bridge, as well from the Turkish  period,  connected  the  banks  of Neretva  river  for  centuries,  since  1682. Until  March  3rd  1945,  when  it  was destroyed by retreating German troops. It was a rare example of classical Turkish Bridge building. The Old Stone Bridge was reconstructed 16.06.2009. More than 1,500 performers  took  part  in  the  opening ceremony, where they provided a sketch of old and modern Konjic. Outstanding shows were  presented  by  the  Turkish  military band (Mehteran), the oldest of that kind in the world, as well as the Turkish whirling dervishes of Konya.  Commission to Preserve National Monuments  of  Bosnia  and  Herzegovina decided in July 2003 to place Historical site – remains of the Old Stone Bridge on a list of National monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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