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At the beginning of the last century tennis was already played in Mostar.  From 1990, it was played by the Austrian military officers and Mostar gentlemen.  Thus, on 17 March1901, a tennis court was opened in the “Rizz’s” Street, across from the “Ćelovine” prison and in the presence of the Mostar élite and many flags and a mixture of all sorts of different things (“Osvit”, 1901).

Several years later, upon return from Banja Luka in which he participated in the establishment of the Lawn Tennis Club (7 August 1907), Miloš Komadina founded the first tennis club in Mostar. That year, most likely upon his initiative and in cooperation with the Mostar tennis players, the National Government organised Men’s Tennis Tournament.  The tournament winner was awarded a specially engraved and gold-plated cigarette-case, which is also the most valuable preserved object to testify to the history of the tennis sport in Mostar and Herzegovina.

The Old Bridge is engraved on its front side, with the town motif on its back and an appropriate text inside it.

The tournament was held at the North Camp tennis courts which functioned until the Second World War.  One more tennis court was built in 1928.  As published in the newspapers of that time, the Mostar Municipality relinquished the park next to the Napredak’s Convent School for the development of the tennis court.

Doctor Fedor Lukač, the then surgeon in the Mostar hospital, established the second tennis club in the 1930’s.

Then, tennis came to a standstill, just to revive in the early ‘70’s of the last century.  Owing to efforts of a group of enthusiasts (Miro Vrgora, Srećko Vučina, Šefkija Mehić, Enver Oručević, Zlatko Vučina, Ivan Kordić, Ivan Musa, Emir Rajković, Osman and Nenad Pirija, Damir Ban and others), the tennis club under the name of “Mostar” was re-established in 1977.  Its first presidents were Miro Vrgora, Osman Pirija and Šefkija Mahić. Training and competitions took place in the tennis courts in Gornja Šantićeva (near the Olympic swimming pool), which have still been in function.

In 1990, the TC “Mostar” was awarded a site in “Raljevina” to build the new tennis courts.  Due to the war, they were finished not earlier than in 1999.  Nowadays, these tennis courts are among the most beautiful tennis complexes in the country.  The club has several hundred members and achieves results of which the environments much larger than Mostar could be proud.

The Tennis Club “Mostar” nowadays

For several years now, the Club has been organising the international tennis tournaments three times a year, which have been entered into the calendar of the International Tennis Federation: “Mostar Ladies Open, “Mostar Open 14&U” and “Mostar Open 18&U”.

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