The Osman-pasa’s Mosque Trebinje

This is the mosque located in the Old Town (Kastel), not far away from the main (west) gate and town’s walls. It is built of ashlars and covered with quadrilateral roof, as imitation of cupola under etemit. Along the right wall is raised stone octagon minaret, 16 meters high, and it was one of the most beautiful minarets in Herzegovina. It was built in 1726 by orders of Osman-pasa Resulbegovic. Builders were masters from Dubrovnik. There are elements of Mediterranean architecture in its structure. It is believed to be the most spacious mosque in Herzegovina. It was demolished during the last war. Foundation stone for restoration was laid in 2001, on May 05. The mosque was inaugurated in 2005, on July 15. According to dimensions and materials which were used in its building, present Osman-pasa’s mosque is authentic to the one which was demolished.

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